Against the Odds



For anyone having experienced deep suicidal depression from the loss of position, wealth and reputation, home, relationship, and/or retirement, this is an inspiring story of a man’s amazing recovery from losing most of his life savings and retirement at the age of 63 because of the 2008 market meltdown.

It opens with the devastating news that would change his life forever and follows him through the dramatic journey of surviving over a ten-year period overcoming obstacle after obstacle and learning many life lessons.

His perseverance is gut-wrenching and in the end, he re-invented himself and came back stronger, better, and richer in many different ways than he ever had been before.

He discovered a whole new purpose and compassion to help others and he shares his remarkable story with you in this memorable memoir.

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Section One: Against the Odds

Part One: Page 15 Part Two: Page 31

The Gathering Storm

Dark Night of the Soul

Part Three: Page 218 Part Four: Page 261

The Dawn of a New Day

String of Dreams