Reader Reviews of

“The Little Star that Found its Shine”

Alexandra Whate:

“WOW!!!!  Your vivid descriptions bring the story to life. I found myself flooded with so many emotions as Bobby goes through his difficult and discouraging times as a boy who is blind… until finally discovering his own path and own gifts.

You are a marvelous storyteller!!”


Dave Budeviek: 

“… speaks volumes to me. The inspiring messages of love, courage and the challenges of overcoming life obstacles, influenced me so greatly as to search my own soul so that I may become more like Bobby.”


Karen Enns:

“If I were still teaching, I would definitely use this incredibly powerful, yet simple story in a book study.  There are many lessons to be learned in this book. It has many teachable moments.

One has to love Bobby.”


Mary Everett:

“Beautiful story. Loved it.  It would make a great movie for people of all ages.”


“Your story-telling is so creative and your words are poetic- it is truly a beautiful book.”