The Secret Pond

Here I am reading to my cat Happy from my latest published book, “The Secret Pond”.
You, too, will feel the enchantment…. as you make your journey into the mystical forest… This is a classic bittersweet love story fantasy about a young boy who exactly a year after losing his beloved younger sister, unexpectedly meets an unusual stranger on the same country road, and together, they find new healing and hope at a secret mystical pond in the midst of an ancient magical forest.
And the secret pond holds a ‘revelation’ waiting to be discovered in the epilogue…

To read an excerpt click here


Love at first sight

Only a year before

Peter meets Sophie beside the road

“I will always love you”

Like a gentle comforting hand

The ancient forest

The secret pond

The resting place

The end of a fateful day

Peter and Sophie share their tragedies

Discovering a deeper meaning to life & death

The gift of love

Making peace with grief

Final crossing in the moonlight

News of a journey

Forever friends

Goodbye at sunset and Epilogue