Reader reviews

Reader Reviews of “The Secret Pond”

A handful of comments:

“I loved it!”

“An outstanding book!”

”May there be many continued joys and life-giving encounters with your book!”

“It was beautiful.”

More extensive reviews:

Alexandra Whate: I am blown away. What an absolutely beautiful story- your description of the forest is just incredible. It reminds me of CS Lewis’s description of Narnia- just magical!! I think the allegorical journey into grief is so powerful- dealing with the unspeakable pain of losing someone by delving into an inner world where the very one you lost can provide comfort. How amazing! It’s so interesting in thinking about my own grief in losing my mom- the very person you would turn to for comfort is gone and you must rely on your memories and imagination to slowly heal. I think your story is going to stick with me for some time as I think more about this.

Your story-telling is so creative and your words are poetic- it is truly a beautiful book.”

Janet McMurtry: “The Secret Pond” arrived last week. I chose to read it over the weekend and I must confess it brought me to tears. That probably tells you something about me as one who has a very soft heart.”

Rev. David Knight: “Truly an artistic extension of the author, first in the thoughtful blend of picture and word, and the gentle, unhurried unfolding of the story.  The sensitivity of the story-telling is very expressive of your personal compassion and your understanding as a grief counsellor and mentor.”

Rev. Kendra Whitfield Ellis: ” We are taken into a mysterious, colourful world of magic and beauty and new friendship, whilst dealing with shared tragedies and an outcome that gives warm comfort and peace.”

“I think that this book would aid counseling sessions and bereavement groups…”

“Both my inner-child and adult-self enjoyed being led by the very early magical meeting and love story. Your book is a very healing gift to its reader. I was also able to simply enjoy the story for itself.”

Elizabeth open door for people of varied ages and stages of life to read, and to enter through the very rich language and the welcoming visual images, making the whole piece an invitation to explore and unravel.”

Kyana Whitfield Ellis (age 12): “This story spiritually awakens…the bridge between life and death and calms uncertainty about these things with the most beautiful simplicity.”

Janet McMurtry:Keep writing… I look forward to your next one…”

Elizabeth Cressman: “The Secret Pond is a story that can reach many folks in various chapters or seasons of life, appealing to those who thrive on symbolism and those who love to make connections with our human lives to live in the more encompassing world of Mother Nature and Creation. Some younger readers will enhance their current working vocabulary, to be sure, learning to cherish and come to understand words/concepts such as, ‘wondrous’, ‘intimacy’, ’sentry-like’, ‘resonating’, ‘randomness’, ’transcendental’, and ‘mystical’.  These terms, and reading about experiencing a deep connection with another, then powerfully, death, will give many younger and more mature readers words to describe feelings they may have sometimes.  People will be able to realize that suffering and pain can become a ‘gift’ of sorts if we learn to ‘make friends with’ the ‘darker’ moments in our lives.

Tanya MacIntyre: “That’s so beautiful, Bill, and I also love the photography.”

Sue Gatcke: “A reader knows a good story from the first few words and yours, beginning The Secret Pond fulfilled my highest expectation. Thanks for such literary and picturesque beauty.”

Rev. Ron Rempel:I’ve read and reflected through it several times. A rich story –  I like the term “allegory” used by one of the reviewers – with lots of meanings and feelings beyond the carefully chosen words and images (mostly shadowy, with hints of light along the way…and then the burst of light and colour on pp 56-57). Overall, bravo for this in your growing list of offerings inspired by your insights on grief and loss.”

Karen Enns: “The book was so enjoyable – inspiring, comforting, and enriching!  I don’t bother putting it away because I often pause throughout the day, sit down, and read it again.  It tells me more each time I read it.  And the pictures!  They’re so beautiful and so fitting.”

Marielle Santos: “I had a chance to read your new book and it was a pleasure. You have a beautiful writing style, and I think it accurately depicted grief and as someone who will encounter many grieving points for the rest of my life, it was lovely to read.”

“I personally use symbolism in my day to day life and choose to believe that those who are no longer in my life are still with me through the air I breathe, and the beautiful nature that I am so lucky to experience, so thank you for putting this experience into words!

Dominique Whelan: “Was in my studio, and after messing around with paint, saw the copy of The Secret Pond. So I sat down and reread it for a second time.

Still made me cry, smile, and think.

Thanks for writing it.”